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We know that your company is unique, so we will work hand in hand creating marketing strategies that potentiate your strengths and generate empathy with the audience, always focused on the growth of your brand in a functional and organic way.

About owner:

Aby Mukherji has been the CEO of Trapper Technology since 2010. Being the CEO doesn’t stop Aby from his desire to personally be in touch with each and every client to ensure their utmost satisfaction with the work being done at Trapper Technology.

His enjoyment for his work is what sets him and Trapper Technology apart from the competition. Most noticeably, their motivation comes from bringing the client’s vision to life. Creating professional and personal websites and do their online marketing/branding is what inspires him on a day-to-day basis.  Apart from website designing & development, Aby is well versed with SEO & Digital Marketing. Prior to becoming CEO of Trapper Technology, Aby worked with several other successful organizations in sales, marketing and business consulting. With his MBA in Marketing from IPM, Kanpur helps him to combine his experience in Marketing along with Website Development and made him perfect to form his own company named Trapper Technology.

Passionate about his work, Aby has been afforded the privilege of designing unique websites for unique people and market them to get the best output from them. So, if you are really looking for an agency where you will get one stop solution from designing a website to online promoting it, then give Aby and Trapper technology the chance to make it an easy and enjoyable experience for you. 

What is the Digital marketing?

Many people believe that digital marketing consists of having a website with their respective social networks, but in reality it is a set of efforts made by a company through all possible digital media: Web Positioning, Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Website Design, Mailing, E-commerce, among others. The digital marketing services are basically the application of marketing plans apply in digital media. All the methods of the offline world are reproducing and interpret into a new world, the online world. In the digital field, new methods appear, such as immediacy, new networks that emerge every day, and the possibility of real measurements of each of the strategies used. Marketing techniques must then change its paradigm. If before the distributors, the media, and the creator were those who had the power of belief, now the focus must change the user. He is capable to investigate for what he desires thanks to the power of search engines, and not only inquire the media if his decision is accurate, he also has the option to read reviews, comments and scores of other users.

We Get to Help Awesome Companies Grow

We are a digital marketing agency and a social media agency that focus on building highly interactive digital experiences that exceed the limits of creativity, always oriented to results that increase customers and sales of your business. As a social media agency, we generate results through all social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, this, to create a brand image, build engagement and increase the preference among consumers.

We are known for being a digital marketing agency that analyzes the audiences, we observe what brands value and we direct each of our contents to sectors where they will be most appreciated. We distinguish ourselves by believing in the power of ideas and innovation, by transforming the voice of our clients into measurable goals and achievements.

If you want to know more about our services, contact us, we will gladly answer your questions, offering you the best solution for the success of your company. We are the digital marketing agency and the number one social networking agency.

Our team

We are a creative digital marketing agency that has great virtues as an advertising agency, because each of the strategies we design is based on the essential areas of online marketing. Likewise, we maintain novelty and precision in our ideas, because we merge the talent of our advertisers with the technical knowledge of our programmers and, thus, we achieve that the work plans and advertising campaigns that we carry out are of quality for those who have deposited your trust in us

Our team is composed of passionate marketing professionals who have a reputation for delivering results, committed to achieving measurable growth and success without stopping to achieve the objectives set. We help ambitious companies to create new value with products and strategies based on users. We boost your momentum by transforming the way you do marketing to the next level. If you want to know more about our agency or our services contact us, we will gladly answer your questions, offering you the best solution for the success of your company.

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Our mission is to rethink how companies offer services and address digital transformation, making its users the center of decision making, because we believe that the internet is one of the most powerful tools for marketing.

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